Ciberseguros Research Laboratory is a cybersecurity research laboratory within New Mexico State University.


The Ciberseguros Research Lab is a scientific laboratory founded in the New Mexico State University Computer Science department in 2022. We study remote authentication, with a current focus on Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and their dual role as navigational and security tools. We measure and evaluate security systems based on metrics of efficiency, security, as well as compatibility with the humans these systems are intended to serve. We also partner with other laboratories here in New Mexico to study smart grid security, applying our expertise in authentication and distributed systems to build trustworthy power grids, even when the grid has been broken into smaller microgrids by accidents or other destruction. In our research lab, students learn by solving novel problems that nobody has yet solved -- and there is no instruction manual. If you enjoy this type of challenge, apply to NMSU's graduate program and come talk to us about how you can participate!


Research Projects


1305 Frenger St, Las Cruces, NM 88001